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We are a team of passionate renewable energy engineers who have only one mission: Help to combat global warming to create a more sustainable future for our children.


Our mission is to change the world by helping people to take at least ONE of their electric bulbs off grid.


If everyone on earth took only ONE of their electric light bulbs off grid, it will create a ripple effect that makes a tangible difference in our dependency on fossil fuel and thus providing clean air for generations to come!

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Solar Lights

From small solar step lights to huge solar street lights.
In this section, we will provide you with in depth reviews of the best solar lights on the market.

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If you are looking for the best solar panel, then this category is specially made for you.
We research, test, and review all solar panels on the market, so you can get the absolute best.

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Whether you need a phone charger, a fan, or even a fridge, in this category you will find it all.
In this section, we review the latest solar powered products, so you can reduce your electricity bills.


Need to learn more about solar energy and how it works? Look no further.
In this section, we go through the most frequently asked solar energy questions


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