best hanging solar lantern

Best Hanging Solar Lights

Hanging solar lights make for the most beautiful decoration, whether it’s for indoors or outdoors, they will fit just right. 

They are available in many different shapes, sizes, and sparkling intensities that will mesmerize the young and the old alike.

But what are the best solar hanging lanterns?

Well, this is a quite tricky question, as when it comes to choosing the best outdoor hanging light, there are many factors to consider such as design, sturdiness, brightness, panel efficiency, battery capacity, etc.

We know that this can be overwhelming for most people, especially if they don’t have enough experience with the solar lighting market.

Therefore, we put together a list of the absolute best 15 solar powered hanging lights in today’s market in addition to a full buying guide, so you can get the top light that matches your decoration needs.

So, without further ado let’s jump right in.

Best Solar Hanging Lantenrs Cheat Sheet

Product nameRun timeLight IntensityWarrantyWeatherproofSolar Energy Hackers Overall Rating
TomCare Solar Metal Flickering Hanging Flame LightUp to 16 HoursHigh 1 Year warrantyIP6510
Tofu Solar Outdoor Hanging LightsUp to 12 HoursHigh1 Year warrantyIP659.5
Yinuo Mirror Dancing Flame Outdoor Solar Hanging LightsUp to 15 HoursHigh 30 daysIP659
Shymery Flickering Candle Hanging LightUp to 10 HoursHigh18-month warrantyIP659.5
Sunklly Outdoor LED Candle Hanging LightsUp to 9 HoursHigh 1 Year warrantyIP448.5
Maggift Outdoor Globe Hanging Solar LightsUp to 8 HoursWarm brightness180 days warranty.N/A10
Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Lights for HangingUp to 8 HoursHigh1 Year warrantyIPX49.5
Maggift 34 Inch Hanging Solar Lights With Shepherd HooksUp to 10 HoursWarm brightness30 daysIP449
Pearlstar Hanging Solar Powered LightsUp to 8 HoursHigh180 Days warrantyIP449.5
Otdair Solar Hanging Lanterns With Wall MountUp to 8 HoursHigh30 daysIP659.5
Aobik Solar Mason LEDs Hanging LightsUp to 12 HoursHigh30 daysN/A9
Yitee Solar Mason Jar Hanging LightsUp to 12 HoursHigh1 Year warrantyN/A9
Roshwey Solar Globe Hanging Mason Jar LightsUp to 8 HoursHigh1 Year warrantyIP659.5
Kaioxoxin Solar Lantern Fairy Lights with White Frosted GlassUp to 8 HoursWarm brightness30 daysIP4410
Topspeeder Color Changing Solar Wind Chime Crystal BallsUp to 8 HoursColorful30 daysN/A10
Best Solar Hanging Lights Cheat Sheet

Best Outdoor Hanging Solar Lights Selection

We spend hours researching, testing, and comparing different solar lights, so we can provide you with the best options on the market.

All products reviewed in this list are manufactured by trusted companies, made with high-quality materials, energy-efficient, guaranteed high customer satisfaction, and of course, well priced.

1. TomCare Solar Metal Flickering Hanging Flame Light

TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern Outdoor Hanging Lanterns Lighting Heavy Duty Solar Powered Waterproof Umbrella LED Flame Lights for Patio Garden Yard, 2 Pack (Bronze)

The TomCare solar hanging lights can effortlessly add a vintage look to your outdoor space, the “Game of Thrones” vibe is real with this one. 

Honestly, I’m a huge fan of solar tiki torches and I believe the flickering charm they provide to one’s yard or pathways is unparalleled.

Because your lanterns are meant to be used outdoors, TomCare manufactured these lights with IP65 waterproofing technologies, meaning that these outdoor solar lanterns can withstand harsh weather easily without rusting.

The 2000mAh battery on the TomCare hanging solar light leaves nothing more to be desired, it takes about 8 hours to be fully charged, and it will provide you with up to 16 hours of running time, it definitely excels in such area.

Also, the 1-year product warranty is the cherry on the top, again, there is nothing more to be desired.

Sadly, the TomCare hanging lantern solar lights are a bit pricey, while that may not be a huge trouble for those who want such premium quality and features, but people on a tight budget may want to consider another product on our list.


  • A vintage classy design
  • Real looking flames
  • IP65 weatherproofing
  • Up to 16 hours of running time
  • 2000mAh battery
  • 1-year product warranty


  • On the expensive side, but definitely worth every penny in my opinion

2. Tofu Dancing Flame Outdoor Solar Lantern

Outdoor Solar Christmas Decorations, Hanging Waterproof LED Flame Lantern Lights for Holiday Decoration, Xmas Pathway Lights, Christmas Decorative Lighting for Garden Patio Deck Yard, Set of 2

This is another reasonably priced solar lantern with real looking flickering flames.

The pattern etched into its face is really breathtaking and gives off a welcoming and cozy feeling to any outdoor space, making it a great solar Christmas light.

With a water and weatherproof rating of IP65 standard, you won’t face any problems when using them as hanging solar lights for trees.
The 12 hours running time is on point, as it allows you to create a dramatic welcoming atmosphere to your place all night long.

Further, the 1500mAh batteries will come to the rescue on cloudy days or when the sunlight is scarce. 

In addition to the basic 30 days return policy, Tofu offers a 1-year warranty for all their products, which is absolutely amazing.

The only downside is although the lantern’s colors look really nice and smooth, the flickering doesn’t feel so natural. However, it’s still good enough.


  • Up to 12 hours of running time.
  • High efficiency solar panel
  • 1500mAh battery
  • IP65 waterproofing
  • Budger friendly option
  • 1-year warranty


  • The flickering doesn’t feel so natural, yet it’s good enough for the price

3. Yinuo Mirror Dancing Flame Outdoor Solar Lanterns

Solar Lantern Lights Dancing Flame Waterproof Outdoor Hanging Lantern Solar Powered Umbrella Led Night Lights Dusk to Dawn Auto on Off Landscape Decorative for Garden Patio Deck Yard Path 2 Pack

Another great solar hanging light (this is the last flame lantern I swear), Yinuo comes with very warm and beautiful lights that create an intimate and welcoming fireplace-like mood. 

They come with an IP65 waterproof and weatherproof technology making them great for outdoors and indoor usage. 

The elegant flames of the Yinuo solar hanging lights will surely mesmerize your guests old and young alike.

The flames are so fun to watch and can run for up to 15 hours straight only after charging for about 5 hours

Sadly, Yinuo doesn’t offer a 1-year warranty like most products here but will give a 30-day return policy instead, and also a very friendly customer service.


  • Up to 15 hours of running time
  • Only need around 5 hours to fully charge the battery
  • 1500mAh battery
  • IP65 waterproofing


  • No warranty, only a 30-day return period
  • The material feels cheap

4. Shymery Flickering Candle Hanging Light

SHYMERY Solar Lantern,Outdoor Garden Hanging Lanterns,Set of 2,Waterproof LED Flickering Flameless Candle Mission Lights for Table,Outdoor,Party Decorative

If you are not a big fan of dancing flames solar lanterns like me, then you should definitely check those solar candles.

The Shymery candle solar lights are one of the most romantic lights we have today on our list. 

The cozy and warm ambient light they create is superb, they can be used for pathways, patios, or even indoors if you like, I know your partner will enjoy it, mine does at least. 

Similar to other solar powered lights on the list, this one comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable battery, and a high efficiency built-in solar panel they will prevail even in low sunlight areas.

The Shymery solar hanging lights can run up to 10 hours with an only charge time of about 8 hours, while the run to charge time ratio isn’t the best, but it will suffice for outdoor decoration needs. 

The worry-free 18-month warranty is what sells it for me, the looks of the flickering candle are great and warm, but a warranty is always a great extra.

One thing to notice is that they are dust and weatherproof. And also that they have a glass exterior, thus it’s not advised to hang it lowly to kids’ reach.


  • Charming ambiance
  • High quality material
  • Up to 10 hours of running time
  • 18-month warranty
  • IP65 waterproofing


  • Glass exterior, so it’s easy to break
  • High charge time compared to the run time

5. Sunklly Outdoor LED Candle Lights

Solar Umbrella Lights - Hanging Solar Lights Sunklly Waterproof Led Handing Solar Candle Lantern Hanging Solar Lanterns for Garden,Patio,Lawn (Yellow Light, Pack of 4)

While this might be considered a budget alternative to the Shymery candle solar lantern, I’m honestly a big fan of this hanging lantern.

The modern design of the Sunklly’s solar candle hanging lights is what sets it aside really and with a mix of metal and hard durable plastic, the quality feels really premium on this one. 

The warm white lights on them are not immense, yet they create a romantic atmosphere for any outdoor space.

The built in clip and lightweight design makes this light a fantastic solar umbrella light for your patio.

Additionally, the 9-hour running time is excellent especially if you consider the 4 hours charging time, so it will suffice for almost all night, whether you want to use indoor or outdoor.

It’s important to mention that the reason behind this remarkably low charging time is the small battery.

This is an accent light, meaning that it’s not super bright, so if you are looking for a brighter lantern to illuminate outdoor areas, you should consider a different light.

Finally, Sunklly offers a 30-days full refund and a 1-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about these bad boys.

Yet, make sure you don’t set them in a harsh environment; their IP44 standard is sufficient to protect from water spray, but can not handle powerful water jets.


  • Modern futuristic design
  • Up to 9 hours of running time
  • lightweight
  • Built in clip
  • 1-year warranty


  • Small 600mAh battery
  • IP44

6. Maggift Outdoor Globe Hanging Solar Lights

MAGGIFT 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor Christmas Solar Lights Retro Hanging Solar Lantern with Handle, Beige White

If you are into solar Chinese lanterns, then this one is specially made for you.

The Maggift hanging solar outdoor globe lanterns are extremely eye-pleasing and elegant. 

The globe design reminds me of the red Chinese festival lanterns, yet those have a more oriental touch to them with their beautiful rusty white color

The solar lights can run for up to 8 hours when fully charged, which means you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoor space illumination nearly all night.

Maggift offers a 3-month warranty, which is more than enough. Rarely do I make a purchase without some kind of guarantee. 

Sadly, they don’t come with 100% weatherproof standards, which is a bummer if you live in stormy and bad weather areas.

Further, the built in solar panel needs around 8 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge the battery, which is not optimal if might say.

However, although the battery is dwarfed by other batteries among the list, it can be easily replaced so it’s not that big of a deal actually.


  • Beautiful oriental design
  • Lightweight and can be hanged on tree branches
  • Up to 8 hours of running time
  • 180 days warranty


  • Small 400mAh battery
  • Not 100% weatherproof

7. Kaixoxin Outdoor Solar Lantern Lights for Hanging

Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Lights for Hanging or Table Outdoor Solar Light for Patio Courtyard Garden (Silver-1)

These solar lantern lights provided by Kaixoxin make for a great decoration, especially if you want to create long patterns of light around the place. 

When the light patterns overlap you feel the warm ambient and the joyful atmosphere around you. And with up to 8 hours of running time, you get to enjoy it for almost all night.

Kaixoxin offers 30 days full refund and a 1-year warranty, so you don’t really need to worry about those. 

Another thing to mention is that they may be perfect for indoor usage, for they are not 100% weatherproof, and wind can pull a rough one on them, so you need to be careful when you place them.


  • Beautiful light patterns
  • Up to 8 hours of running time
  • 1-year warranty


  • IPX4 waterproofing

8. Maggift 34 Inch Hanging Outdoor Solar Lights With Shepherd Hooks

Maggift 34 Inch Hanging Solar Lights Dual Use Shepherd Hook Lights with 2 Shepherd Hooks Outdoor Solar Coach Lights, 2 Pack

Elegant, stylish, vintage, and catchy, all could be said about the Maggift outdoor solar lantern.

These extremely stylish lights will fit into all decoration needs, they can be used as solar path lights to illuminate your pathways, driveways, or anywhere really, get creative. 

Their 10 hours running time is astonishing, especially because they provide such bright light.

Additionally, these outdoor solar lanterns come with 2 shepherd hooks, so you can easily hang those lights anywhere you like with minimum hassle.

Maggift provides you with a very efficient and friendly customer support in addition to a 30-day return policy if you find the product lacking- yet we are sure you won’t.

Also, while they are sturdy and premium quality, they are not top-notch when it comes to weatherproof technology, but they will suffice in almost all cases.


  • An elegant and vintage style
  • Come with 2 shepherd hooks
  • Up to 10 hours of running time
  • 1000mAh battery


  • IP44.
  • No warranty; only 30-day return policy, and customer support

9. Pearlstar Solar Powered Hanging Lamps

Christmas Hanging Solar Lights Outdoor - 2 Pack Solar Powered Waterproof Landscape Lanterns with Retro Design for Patio, Yard, Garden and Pathway Decoration ( Warm Light )

Another classic-looking solar hanging light, this time by Pearlstar. 

These small yet bright solar powered hanging lanterns do have a unique appearance, in my opinion. They remind me of the camping trips I used to take with my parents when I was a kid.

I absolutely love the vintage look on them, and how bright they are, despite the small size.

A 6-month warranty? Sign me up, personally I find myself attracted to products that offer a warranty, and with those beautiful and elegant solar hanging lights it’s still the same. 

The atmosphere they create and the welcoming appearance they give to your home is astonishing. 

Yet you should notice that they come with an IP44 standard that will only protect from water splashes, which makes them more like spring-summer solar hanging lights.

Another thing that I don’t like about these lights is the run/charge ratio, the 8 hours running time is pretty mediocre, for the charging time is also about 8 hours, which is a big MEH, especially in winter when there is not enough direct sunlight to fully charge the battery.


  • Small, yet stylish and unique classic looking.
  • Up to 8 hours of running time.
  • 180 days warranty


  • IP44 waterproofing
  • Small solar panel

10. Otdair Solar Lantern With Wall Mount

Otdair Solar Wall Lantern Outdoor, 2 Pcs Glass Solar Hanging Lantern Light Waterproof Solar Wall Sconce Light Fixture Wall Mount Solar Outdoor Wall Lights Decorative for Front Porch, Patio and Yard

The Otdair hanging solar lights set a fine example of how an outdoor lantern should look/feel.

They offer a premium quality lantern shaped lights, with stainless steel and glass housing, you don’t need to worry as you will often tend to hand it high. 

These beautiful solar lights come with a water and weatherproof IP65 standard that protest from water jets, so they will be great for any outdoor space.

No warranty offered by Otdair, but they offer customer support and 30 days return. Also, the 8 hours running time offered is sufficient, yet they also take about 7 hours to charge and run for only 8 hours.


  • Stainless steel and glass housing materials
  • Easy to install and comes with free wall mounts
  • Up to 8 hours of running time
  • IP65 waterproofing


  • Small battery and solar panel
  • No warranty

11. Aobik Solar Mason LEDs Hanging Lights

Solar Mason Jar Lid Lights, 6 Pack 30 Led String Fairy Star Firefly Jar Lids Lights,6 Hangers Included(Jars Not Included), Best for Mason Jar Decor,Patio Garden Decor Solar Laterns Table Lights

A quite different solar hanging lights, the Aobik LEDs are similar to solar fairy lights, yet they can be hung just like a normal solar hanging lamp.

They come with 30 LEDs that will give bright warm white light when turned on, they can work for up to 12 hours, which is pretty satisfying in my opinion. However, they only come with 1 lighting mode, so no flickering with this one. 

Although they work great indoors, you should note if you intended to use them outdoors, that they are not 100% weatherproof.

Lastly, Aobik doesn’t include a warranty with their solar hanging light, only their customer support, and the 30-day return.


  • Up to 12 hours of running time
  • Easy to install
  • Unique, and versatile


  • Not 100% weatherproof
  • No warranty

12. Yitee Solar Mason Jar Hanging Lights

Mason Jar Solar Lantern Lights, 8 Pack 30 LED Bulbs Fairy Star Firefly Solar Lids Jar Lights,8 Hangers Included(No Jars),for Patio Garden Mason Jar Lanterns Table Wedding Decorations Lights

The Yeti solar mason jar light is another great example of how high quality outdoor solar lights should be.

While they are not 100% weatherproof, they are versatile and you can be highly creative with them to decorate your outdoor space.

The light is quite eye catching and the jar is made of sturdy quality material that won’t break easily.

Lastly, Yitee offers a 30 days money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your money is in good hands. 

Also, you should notice that they only come with 1 lighting mode, but they are still more than great.


  • Up to 12 hours of running time
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Unique, and versatile


  • Not 100% weatherproof
  • Small 600mAh battery

13. Roshwey Solar Globe Hanging Mason Jar Lights

Solar Lantern, 2 Pack Outdoor Lanterns with 30 LED Waterproof Solar Lights Garden Decor Patio Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative Backyard Halloween Christmas Solar Lanterns Outdoor Hanging ( Warm Light )

This here is one of my personal favorite crackle glass solar lights.

The Roshwey solar globe jar lights come with an unparalleled elegant looking globe, and a rope handle

I love rope handles, they are classic, stylish, and they show the genuinity of the product. 

The glass housing is pretty sturdy, yet I would be careful around it nonetheless.

These solar hanging lights come with IP65 waterproof technologies, thus you are highly encouraged to use them outdoors, no worries. 

Also, they are super versatile when it comes to placement, you can put them directly on the ground or tables, get creative. 

Lastly, you should know that Roshwey offers a 1-year warranty.


  • IP65
  • Up to 8 hours of running time.
  • 1-year after-sales service
  • 1600mAh battery
  • A rope handle, elegant!


  • Glass, so you should be careful around it

14. Kaioxoxin Solar Lantern Fairy Lights with White Frosted Glass

Kaixoxin Solar Lantern Fairy Lights Ideal for Great Gifts White Frosted Glass Hanging Jar Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative 20 Warm White Mini LED String Lights (Fairy) (fairy-1-1)

Creepy, or Beautiful? Well, the Kaioxoxin solar “fairy” lights are absolutely breathtaking. 

This fairy lantern comes with 20 LEDs that will give out a warm white ambient lighting to complete the cozy and fairy tail atmosphere. They would make a great addition to any flower beds and you can also complement them with some of the best solar flower lights.

You can enjoy them for up to 8 hours, yet they are quite enjoyable when turned off as well. Did I mention that they have a rope handle? They do.

Kaioxoxin offers a free return if you receive a broken jar, so please feel free to contact them, they will provide you a fast replacement free of charge. 

The IP44 standard is a real bummer, yet you can use them outdoors to an extent, just take them inside when the weather gets harsh.


  • Breathtaking and eye-catching design
  • Up to 8 hours of running time
  • A rope handle!


  • IP44
  • Small 600mAh battery
  • No warranty

15. Topspeeder Color Changing Solar Wind Chime Crystal Balls

Topspeeder Color Changing Solar Power Wind Chime Spiral Spinner Crystal Ball Wind Mobile Portable Waterproof Outdoor Decorative Romantic Wind Bell Light for Patio Yard Garden Home (Crystal Ball)

Although this is not a hanging lantern, it’s so freaking adorable.

These solar wind chimes are color-changing eye candy, they look extremely adorable and look even better when bundled with other lights.

The fact that you can use them outdoors is really dazzling, they work as great hanging solar lights for trees and so. 

You get to enjoy their mesmerizing color patterns for 8 hours, sadly you need to charge them for the same amount.

The downfalls of the Topspeeder hanging solar lights are:

They don’t have a warranty and they are not completely weatherproof, so it’s advised to not use them during rain storms.


  • Up to 8 hours of running time
  • Multi color
  • Cute looking
  • Lightweight


  • High charge time compared to the run time
  • No warranty

How To Choose The Best Solar Hanging Lanterns

If you are looking for the best solar hanging lanterns, you might not be able to find it with your eyes closed.

There are certain factors that will help you make the right choice when buying a new camping lantern or sauna lamp or even making your own solar outdoor lanterns.

And in this section, we will go through some of the most important factors to look for when choosing a solar hanging lantern.

1. Brightness

One of the most important factors you have to look for when choosing a solar hanging lantern is its brightness.

The brightness of the solar lantern is measured in lumens.

And the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light will be.

So make sure to ask yourself first what will you use this lantern for?

If you use it as a decoration light for your outdoor space, then you should opt for a light that has around 10 lumens, so it doesn’t create a lot of glare or light pollution.

However, if you want to light up your backyard so you can see where you are going at night, then we recommend you use a solar flood light.

These lights are extremely powerful and can provide you with up to 10,000 lumens of brightness, which is more than enough to illuminate your garden.

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2. Battery Capacity

The battery capacity is another important factor that you have to look for when choosing a solar hanging lantern.

This is because the battery capacity will determine how long the light can last on a single charge.

Most solar lanterns come with around 1200mah rechargeable batteries, which is enough to power the light for up to 10 hours, depending on how bright it’s and how much sunlight did it get during the day.

So make sure to check the battery capacity before you purchase it.

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3. Solar Panel Efficiency

And the third most important factor is the solar panel efficiency.

The solar panel efficiency of a solar lantern will determine how much energy does it generate during sunlight hours and how fast can it charge the battery.

Most high end solar hanging lanterns come with highly efficient polycrystalline or monocrystalline cells, which can provide up to 18% of conversion efficiency even in shade.

This means that the lantern can be charged very quickly and you won’t have to wait long for it to be fully juiced up.

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4. Durability

Without a doubt, a durable solar hanging lantern is a must have.

This is because you will be using your lamp more often and it will be exposed to more elements throughout the day.

So make sure that your new light comes with a sturdy body that is sealed with silicon and made from premium materials, so it can withstand all weather conditions and last for many years.

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5. Lighting Modes

Most solar lanterns come standard with a single lighting mode.

However, you can find some that come with 3 or 4 different lighting modes as well as a white and a red light mode, along with adjustable brightness levels.

This feature is especially useful if you want to use the lamp for emergencies as it will provide more than enough lighting during a power outage.

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6. Warranty

Last but not least, make sure to check the warranty of your future solar lamp.

This is important because it shows how confident the manufacturers are about their product and its durability.

And in most cases, all well-established brands will offer a 1 year warranty on their products, which tells us that they’re very durable and long lasting.

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7. Price

And as a final tip, always check the price of your new solar lantern before buying it.

As most products with similar features and quality will have a very similar price range.  

This means that if you find a cheaper product with the same features, then there is usually something wrong with it and chances are it won’t last long.

So, these are the five most important factors that you have to look for when choosing a solar hanging lantern.

Do your research before making a purchase and you won’t be disappointed.

And remember, not all solar lanterns are created equal and some might be better suited for your needs than others.

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Last words

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this article as much as we did. 

If you are interested in similar articles you are welcome to visit Solar Energy Hackers.

What is your most favorite solar hanging light? Do you have any suggestions to make the site better?

Please, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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