what are solar shades

What are solar window shades?

If you are having problems with the sun filling in your house or your room but you still want to see the great view you have, then solar shades are the perfect solution for you.

Solar shades are similar to roller shades but they are made of different materials that don’t only block the sun but also reduce the harmful UV rays and keep cold out.

In this article, we are going to answer some of the most frequent questions to help you whether you should opt for solar shades or not. 

How do solar shades work?

In simple words, solar shades are a type of window treatment that reflects sunlight instead of letting it through the window.

Normally, they are made with a coated material such as Vinyl that is finely woven, providing it with exceptional light and heat coverage.

What are the advantages of solar shades

  1. Can reduce power cost by at least 15%
  2. Protect against harmful UV rays
  3. Reduces the glare
  4. Prevent carpets and furniture fading from the sun

Do solar shades offer privacy?

Solar shades can offer you privacy as people can’t see inside your house.

However, it also gives you the privilege of seeing through it to see the outside depending on the size of the perforations.

For maximum privacy, you can get solar shades with the tightest holes that will deny people from having vision inside your house.

Solar shades also give you the ability to see through so you don’t block the nice view you have.

Do solar shades keep cold out?

Unlike solar tube lighting, solar shade can reduce the amount of heat inside your room depending on the openness of the weave.

This happens by minimizing glare and blocking out the light that transfers heat. Another factor that can affect the amount of heat blocked out is the color of the fabric.

If you want to block out more light and heat then darker colors are the answer.

On the other hand, solar shades can’t reduce cold as the woven fabric can’t insulate against the cold so keep that in mind when installing one. 

Do solar shades stop furniture from fading?

This is another advantage to solar shades as they can have some help in protecting your furniture from fading.

UV rays can affect the furniture causing the fabric to bleach over time also causing the textiles to become brittle and break.

As we mentioned, solar shade has the ability to block UV rays coming from the sun, so it can help in protecting your furniture.

Where can solar shades be installed?

Solar shades can be installed almost everywhere in the house. It can be installed on the doors if you want to install sliding glass doors or door walls.

You can also install them outdoors as there are 2 types of solar shades: interior and exterior.

They are very similar and both function similarly but the exterior shades are designed to stand up against in the outdoors. 

How to clean solar shades?

It’s very easy to clean solar shades, all you need is to attach the brush attachment to your vacuum hose and dust them. If they are really dirty and grimy, just use a piece of cloth diluted in water with soap and wash the shades softly.

It’s important to mention that you shouldn’t submerge the solar shades in water under any circumstances, as this can damage the coating mechanism and null your warranty. 


If you want to block the sun without losing your view, then solar shades are the perfect solution for you.

It has a lot of benefits that we talked about in this article which make it more useful than you think.

For more information about solar productsif have a question don’t hesitate to share it with us. 

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