Does Your Power Go Out If You Have Solar Panels?

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Many people who want to go green and reduce their carbon footprint are considering solar panels. 

The question that many of them have is does your power go out if you have solar panels? 

Solar power can keep your lights on when the grid goes down

But, you may need a backup battery storage system for complete peace of mind in an emergency situation! 

Let’s learn everything that should be known before going out there with solar panels as our only source of electricity during an outage or crisis situation

So without further ado let’s go into details.

How Does My Solar Energy System Work?

Before we answer any questions we need to understand how does my solar system work.

Solar panels work by receiving sunlight and converting it into electricity. The electricity is then sent to a junction box, where it passes through an inverter that converts the direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). 

AC is what is used in your home and throughout the rest of the power grid. 

Once the electricity reaches your breaker box, it can be used like electricity from your power company. 

Once the sun begins to set and the solar panels stop receiving sunlight, they begin sending electricity back into the grid.

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Does Solar Still Work When Power Goes Out

Solar panels, by themselves, cannot work in the event of an outage because they are grid-tied. 

The solar system is wired into your electric company’s grid and has access to net metering- meaning you will take advantage if there’s ever a power cut or shortage occurring on their end due to natural disasters like hurricanes which can lead back up towards overloading etcetera!

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Why Do Power Outages Happen?

There are a few reasons your power can go out, it can be because of all sorts of things from wind to the sun sparking a large fire. 

It could also be man-made such as revamping old lines or upgrading etc.

In most cases, this is due to storms which cause the worst damage and knockdown power lines making for an outage across a town or area.

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How to Use Solar Panels During a Power Outage

Adding an off-grid solar system or installing a form of energy storage, such as batteries, are the two main ways to continue to have electricity after the lights go out with solar energy.

Off-grid Solar Panel Kits

Solar panel kits that are completely independent of the power grid are great for using electricity during a blackout too. 

You can use off-grid solar panels to power your home after a storm has knocked out the power lines and transformers of an area which includes charging cell phones, laptops, emergency lights, and powering up home appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

However, this would require you to have a backup generator for when night falls or extra batteries to store the energy that’s being produced during the day! 

Solar panel kits come with different equipment and installation types, so it is best to do your research on what system will work best for you.

Advantages of off-grid solar panel kits:

1-It can be used in any area that’s not bound to the grid.

2- It is money saving because you will not spend on energy bills throughout the year.

3- Is an independent system which means if there are storms or outages it won’t affect your power at all.

Disadvantages of off-grid solar panel kits:

1- It is costly because not only are you purchasing the solar panels but also batteries, inverters, etc which can all add up.

2- It requires research on what kind of kit would work best for your home or situation to ensure that you are able to live off it comfortably.

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Although the initial cost of batteries is expensive, it’s worth it. 

Batteries will allow you to have electricity during your solar peak hours and be able to use that electricity during an outage. 

For example, you can power your refrigerator during peak hours and have it turn on automatically for a set time to use the energy stored in the batteries. 

This is great because it will give you more usage of what you pay for.

However, this requires a bit more planning. You need to do research on what type of batteries are best for you, how many and where they should be placed.

How Much Does a Battery Cost?

Solar batteries can range from $4,000 to $10,000 depending on how much storage you need. 

With this system, there is only minimal maintenance involved, unlike regular batteries. 

The batteries should last between 10-20 years if you take care of them.

If you need backup power but don’t want to spend on a battery system, generators can be an affordable option. 

For just around $100-$500 at your local hardware store and they often run on fossil fuels which are non-renewable resources that get harder or impossible when there’s an emergency situation happening in the area.

Advantage Of batteries

1- Can store energy for up to 10 years.

2- Are less costly than buying a system that’s completely off the grid.

3- Requires minimal maintenance if you store them properly, clean and cool.

Disadvantages of batteries

1- Expensive initial cost.

2- Requires planning what type is best for you and how many you will need.

3- If you don’t store them properly, clean and cool they will corrode and fail.

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What Should You Do If Your On-grid Solar System Loses Power?

If the power goes out in your home and it’s an on-grid solar system then there is nothing you can do until it comes back again. 

You’re at the mercy of whatever network provider that services where you live since they control how much supply will come into your streets via transformers or electric lines from other towns/cities who have their own backup sources too!

Last Words

Off-grid solar panel kits are perfect for homes that are not attached to the grid or suffer from power outages. 

Batteries can be expensive but it’s worth it because they store energy for you to use during an outage and even save money by allowing you to plan your usage around when energy is cheapest in your area.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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