Do Solar Panels Attract Birds?

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If you ever asked yourself this common question, do solar panels attract birds? Then yes, birds love solar panels. Is this a surprise? 

The solar panels attract birds and they hang out on the solar panel, which is kind of like the bird’s new home. 

Besides, Birds are drawn to solar panels because it reflects their natural habitat such as trees or water. 

So, Solar companies need to take into account that solar panels might be an attraction for birds and should put up nets to prevent them from building nests on solar panel surfaces.

In this article, we will show you how to get rid of birds so without further ado let’s jump into details.

Why Do Solar Panels Attract Birds?

There are many reasons solar panels attract birds.

First, solar panels have a shiny surface that reflects the sun’s rays and resembles natural bodies of water.

For example, solar panel units reflect light in similar patterns to ponds with ripples on the top. 

Birds use this type of reflection as an indication for water so they can safely drink or for solar heat to help them stay warm.

Second, solar panels have a dark-colored surface which is similar to the color of eggs in birds’ nests. 

Besides, Birds are curious creatures and will try to check out anything they find different or new near their nests. 

This curiosity can lead many birds, especially baby chicks, right into solar panel units where there is a great risk of death.

Finally, solar panels provide shelter for birds who may be looking to escape their natural predators or other dangers. 

Birds can hide in solar panel units and avoid the threat altogether as well as attract other types of birds because there is a food source nearby such as insects that might live around solar panels. 

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Six Reasons Birds Are A Problem For Solar Panels.

  1. Birds are attracted to solar panel units because they provide a home for the bird and its offspring. 

Furthermore, Birds may even build nests on solar panels which can be hazardous for solar energy production.

So that will create an additional weight that could make solar panels fall off of roofs or other structures where they are installed. 

  1. Birds often leave their feces on solar panels which can cause corrosion and damage to solar cells. 
  2. Birds flying into solar panel units could be a big problem. 

They might accidentally bring materials such as grass seeds or other contaminants that will clog up the solar cell’s surface and impact energy production efficiency.

  1. Other pests may be attracted to birds and can be a problem as well. 

This would include small rodents such as rats or squirrels who may crawl through solar panel units to find food, which could damage wiring and solar cells along the way.

  1. Birds make a lot of mess and make a lot of noise-making solar panels less attractive to solar energy users.
  2. Birds can carry diseases that could be harmful to other birds or humans who live in the same area. 

For example, an oil spillage on a solar panel may attract bees that sting nearby workers and customers causing injury.

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Nine Important Tips To Stop Pigeons Getting Under Solar Panels.

Our tips are split into two categories: those that you can perform yourself and those that are dependent on solar businesses.

Tips that you can do it yourself:

  1. Install bird guards around solar panels which would prevent birds from getting close enough to damage your solar panel units. 
  2. Keep your solar installation clean because there’s a lot of dirt and grime on solar panel units.

So then birds will be more likely to land in them looking for food that they cannot find elsewhere. 

Tips for solar companies to keep in mind:

  1. Solar companies should consider solar panels with dull colors so birds are less likely to land on them. 
  2. They also should keep an eye out for dead birds around solar panel units and check for any damage. 

That may have been caused by the bird itself or its nest mates which could be impacting solar energy production efficiency as well.

  1. Besides, They can use a solar blanket to cover solar panels at night and on very cold days. 

A solar blanket is like bubble wrap that covers the surface of solar panel units so birds cannot land on them or build nests. 

  1. Also, Solar companies can use solar bird scarers that make loud noises or flashlights to prevent birds from getting close enough to damage solar panels and also protect the environment around solar energy installations as well.
  2. Besides, Solar companies also should place nets on top of solar panels which will prevent birds from nesting in them and causing harm. 
  3. Additionally, They may want to consider solar panels that have less reflective colors on them so birds will be less likely to land or build nests. 
  4. Finally, Solar companies should place solar panels away from high-risk areas such as near water or where birds are often spotted. 

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Why Should Solar Companies Take Measures To Stop Birds From Damaging Solar Power Systems?

Solar energy system owners need to protect their solar systems from birds for many reasons.

First, solar companies need to protect solar panels because they are very expensive and birds can do a lot of damage without meaning to. 

Second, solar power is becoming more popular which means solar energy production continues to increase in high demand throughout the country. 

Birds destroying solar panel units could put up a stop or slow down solar energy production which may cost solar companies more to maintain solar systems. And finally, birds also attract other pests such as small rodents who make their way into solar panels and can cause damage themselves.

Last Words.

Owners must take steps to keep their solar systems clean, bird-free, and well maintained.

We hope you have enjoyed this article.

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