Can You Walk On Solar Panels?

By Kami Turky

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Solar panels can handle some equipment being put on them, but can you walk?

Short answer, no. Long answer, absolutely not!

So why not?

Well, the first reason is that because solar panels are made of very thin glass (about 0.04 inches) and can break easily under excessive pressure or weight.

Don’t get me wrong, solar panels are extremely durable.

However, if you ever walk across your floor, it may feel solid but you would be surprised at how much pressure is exerted when one foot falls in front of the other.

Now imagine that same force concentrated on less than half an inch. It can easily crack or shatter the glass!

Another thing to keep in mind is that solar panels are slippery, so walking on them could be quite risky.

Finally, solar panels can get dangerously hot to the touch if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time and could burn your skin or electrocute you.

So, while some solar panels might handle your weight, we wouldn’t recommend you to try it or you would be damaging them and as you know, solar panels are expensive to fix and replace.

How Much Weight Can Solar Panels Handle?

Solar panels can handle about 165 pounds per square foot which is more than enough for almost everyone to stand or sit on without damaging the panel itself.

However, it’s important to remember that this weight limit isn’t based on your body weight but rather on equipment being placed on top of them!

For example, a snowboard can handle up to 100 pounds on top of it and can be used on solar panels.

However, if you have two snowboards with another person standing in between them then they can only hold about 50 pounds each.

So as long as your equipment isn’t too heavy for the panel itself then you should be fine!

What Are Some Solar Panels That You Can Walk On?

There is some good news for those of you who want to do more than just look at your panels…

The good news is that Solar Roadways can be walked on and driven on!

Solar Roadways can handle the load of a car driving across it at 55 mph, but can you walk or drive your bike?

Yes. Solar Roadways can even withstand 250 tons which is more than enough to support people walking all over them.

They are also designed with drainage channels so that they can handle rain and can be easily cleaned.

Just think, if everyone in your town or city had solar panels on their roads then you would never have to worry about power going out!

If there is a massive storm with high winds forecasted, the electricity can simply shut off automatically without anyone having to do anything.

And when it’s sunny, the electricity can be generated in real time which can lower your electric bill.

Solar panels are fantastic, but they can’t handle foot traffic…that is until Solar Roadways came along!

Will You Be Able to Walk On Solar Panels in The Future?

We can’t say for certain if we will ever be able to walk on solar panels in the future, but there is a chance.

Solar Roadways has created some great prototypes and they are now testing these out at different locations around the U.S.

It can take years or even decades before prototype technology can be applied to actual roads, but it can happen!

So if you want to walk on solar panels in the future then keep your fingers crossed because one day this may become a possibility.

Can You Walk On Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels are made of thin sheets of plastic instead of glass and can be rolled up like a carpet or draped across surfaces such as tents or canopies

However, unfortunately, they cannot handle foot traffic either.

They can get damaged by being walked on, so remember to take care of your solar panels and you can enjoy them for many years!

Can You Walk On Tesla Roof?

Tesla Roof can’t handle foot traffic either.

However, it can handle some equipment being put on them so if you need to set up your telescope or power tools then Tesla roof can definitely help!

Can You Walk On Thin Film Solar Panels?

Thin film solar panels can handle foot traffic, but they don’t hold up as well.

They can become damaged with time and can be affected by the elements which can shorten their lifespan.

So if you plan on walking all over your thin film panels then you may want to consider some other options that are more durable!

Will A Cracked Solar Panel Still Work?

Yes, most likely.

Although solar panels can become damaged, most of the time they are still functional.

For instance, if a solar panel is cracked but not shattered it can be repaired by filling in the crack with resin or glass and smoothing out any rough edges.

However, a completely shattered solar panel can cause an electrical short which could lead to sparks or fires so it’s best that you never walk on them.

Last Words

Hopefully, this article can answer any questions that you may have had about can you walk on solar panels.

If not, feel free to leave a comment below and we can discuss it!

Now go out there and enjoy the sun knowing what’s safe to do with your solar panels.

Kami Turky

Kami is a solar engineer with nearly a decade of experience in researching, testing, and reviewing various solar products.He has also provided technical consultation to several organizations on the best ways to incorporate solar energy into their operations.When he’s not busy helping others find the best solar solutions, Kami enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, and exploring the natural wonders of his home state.

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