Can Solar Generators Save You Money?

By Kami Turky


When you look at the cost of buying and installing a solar power generator, you may wonder if it is really economical. Will it be able to save you money in the long term, or will you be trying to recoup those initial costs for a long time to come? Will there be unexpected expenses later on that make it hard to save money on energy usage? 

Much of the advertising around solar generators discusses their cost effectiveness, but those heavy upfront costs can be daunting. Let’s see if buying a solar generator really will save you money and how a generator compares economically to traditional power sources. 

The Costs You Need to Know

We start by breaking down the expenses for you, looking at all the costs you can expect to deal with when you switch over to a solar power generator.

First of all, there is the cost of the generator itself. You can keep this cost low by purchasing a small generator or taking advantage of government rebates that may apply. Governments all over the world are pushing energy conservation measures and are helping consumers bear the burden of switching over to solar power. Check for government rebates and other cost-savings options available to you as a first time solar power purchaser. 

If you determine the power needs for your home, that can help you figure out the size of generator you will need. Avoid paying more for a generator than absolutely necessary by purchasing one that is a good fit for your current energy needs. 

You will also need to pay for installation, since setting up a solar generator can be complicated and a little dangerous. You want the solar panels to be set up in such a way that they will absorb as much sunlight as possible and maximize your energy collection. A licensed solar installer will be able to do that for you.

The cost of the generator and the installation are your primary initial costs. What other costs should you be aware of? You may need to pay for solar generator maintenance later on, but you will be able to keep these costs low if you care for your solar setup and keep it clean and free of debris. 

Cost Savings over Time

The upfront costs can be considerable, especially if you are unable to obtain any government rebates, but over time, you could definitely make back your money. You will do this by spending less on power thanks to the solar generator. If you can switch at least partially over to power sourced by the generator, you won’t be paying as much for your electric bill every month.

In some cases, homeowners might be able to provide all the power they need from a solar generator. In order for this to happen, they will have to have a decent solar setup and be located in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. They will also need to keep the generator working efficiently at all times so that there is no power wastage. This is easier in homes with few people and a relatively low power consumption.

To improve cost savings over time and get more of your power generation from solar energy, look for ways to reduce power usage. Turn off and unplug devices that are not in use. Use low energy settings when possible. Limit the use of heating and cooling in the home, showers, and other activities that require power.

You can maximize power generation from your solar array by keeping the panels clean and free of debris. If they can be easily rotated, be sure to face them toward the sun whenever possible.

If you can manage to keep your power consumption low and your solar power generation high, you will see incredible cost savings in the coming months and years. You can drastically reduce your electric bill.

Make Good Use of Your Cost Savings

If you notice that using a solar generator is saving you a lot of money, why not put that cost savings to good use? Look for ways in which you can improve your savings even more, like using the money you saved from switching to solar and upgrading your solar setup so that it collects even more energy. You can also invest in a storage battery that will save solar energy to be used when there is not much sunlight available.

You can use your cost savings in other ways as well to benefit you, like hiring home cleaning people or landscapers to do chores you would normally do. Then, you can take that extra time you have available and use it to earn more money by working for yourself, perhaps starting a side business. The extra money that you’re saving would normally have been put toward your power bill. This can be invested into stocks, bonds, foreign exchange, and other avenues to passively or actively earn you more money.

How Much Will You Save?

Your actual savings from switching to solar power will vary based on a number of factors, like the kind of array you have set up, your power usage, and the amount of sunlight your home receives. However, many people are able to save as much as 80% on their electric bill once they switch over to solar power.

Imagine cutting your bill down to just 20% of the original cost, and then imagine what you can do with all those savings. It’s obvious that with a major change like this, you will start to see profit from your solar power generator very quickly. You will pay for those initial costs sooner than you might expect and be able to enjoy sheer profits.

The sooner you install solar power in your home, the sooner you can start saving money. If you are tired of paying so much for your power bill each month, solar power is the obvious solution.

Kami Turky

Kami is a solar engineer with nearly a decade of experience in researching, testing, and reviewing various solar products. He has also provided technical consultation to several organizations on the best ways to incorporate solar energy into their operations. When he’s not busy helping others find the best solar solutions, Kami enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, camping, and exploring the natural wonders of his home state.

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