3 Absolute Best Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger [2021 Review & Buying Guide]

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The cost of electricity continues to rise, and with the price of solar panels now lower than ever, many people are looking for ways to save on their electric bills.

One great way is by installing a solar powered fence charger.

However, choosing the best solar powered fence charger can be a difficult task. How do you know which one is going to work best for your needs?

How much should it cost?

What features does it need to have in order to meet your expectations and preferences?

These are all important questions that must be answered before making a purchase.

Luckily, we’ve done some research and put together this article with our top picks of the most popular solar powered electric fence chargers on the market today!

1. Best Solar Fence Charger For Sheep: Parmak MAG12-SP

Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 Low Impedance 12 Volt Battery Operated 30 Mile Range Electric Fence Charger MAG12-SP

The first item on today’s list of the best solar powered fence chargers is The Parmak Solar Electric Fence Charger.

If you are looking for an economical, easy-to-install electric fence system, then The Parmak Solar Electric Fence Charger will be a perfect choice for you.

It works by using low impedance technology that delivers a powerful shock, giving it the ability to charge up to 30 miles of the fence with 3.1+ joules of power, The low impedance of the MAG12-SP means more power at the fence line, which means will keep animals out.

It also includes an easy-to-use control box with a digital readout and simple push buttons for all your setup needs.

You won’t have to worry about weather fluctuation because It’s equipped with Weatherproof technology.

Further, the included 12-volt rechargeable battery powers the unit at night so you don’t have to worry about remembering to turn it on.

What we like

  • It takes the fence 3 days without sun to discharge
  • A  quality solar panel
  • Nice metal construction

2. Best Solar Fence Charger For Goats: Gallagher S40

Gallagher S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger | Powers Up To 25 Mile / 80 Acres of Fence | Low Impedance, 0.4 Stored Joule Energizer | Unique Battery Saving Technology | Solar Battery & Leadsets Included

The Gallagher S40 provides an economical alternative to electric fencing for any livestock or pet owner.

The S40 is ideal for remote areas with limited or no access to electrical power at all, and it can be used on single-wire fences up to 25 miles long, as well as multi-line perimeter fences covering 30-80 acres of land.

Further, the S40 comes with its built-in solar panel and a 6V battery, and it can work for 3 weeks after a full charge.

It has a water-resistant case with a carrying handle and built-in lightning protection, as well as 360-degree mounting capability for quick installation, automated battery management, and dual power options.

After a full charge, it can last up to three weeks.

What we like

  • Easy to install
  • Tough and portable
  • Built-in lightning protection

3. Best Solar Fence Charger For Cattle: Zareba ESP2M-Z

Zareba ESP5M-Z 5-Mile Solar Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger, Black

The ESP2M-Z Zareba Solar Fence Charger is a great way to power your fence, it’s used to control small animals and pets keeping pets in and small animals out of your garden or other areas of your yard

you won’t have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of an important job because it’s solar powered.

The 2-mile range lets you keep animals in or out without having to constantly check that they’re still inside. It uses an 8 KV shock to deter animals from crossing the fence line. 

Further, it applies Low impedance technology that provides less battery drain and smart technology resists shorts when the fence is in contact with weeds.

The Zareba ESP2M-Z can be used with steel, aluminum, poly wire, poly rope, and poly tape fencing,  this model is ideal for keeping small farm animals such as rabbits, chickens, and goats or to keep deer out  and other larger animals like dogs and horses.

What we like

  • A 1-yr limited warranty that includes damage caused by lightning
  • Super easy to use

How To Choose The Best Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger?

1. The Fence Size

How big your fence wire is one of the first things you need to keep in mind while choosing a solar fence energizer.

Each solar electric fence charger is designed to energize a specific size of fence.

Using a low range capacity charger will compromise your energizer’s efficiency and performance.

Here is how you can find out the best range capacity for solar fence chargers for goats:

Best range capacity = Fence Length * Number of Wires * 2

2. Jouls Of The Energizer

The second thing you must consider is the amount of Jouls or Watt.s while choosing a fence charger.

Joules determines how strong your electric current will be, and therefore also affects the power of the shock.

The higher the Joules rating, the more intense will be your electric fence shock.

However, you must also keep in mind that higher jouls can harm your livestock.

The right amount of voltage should be enough to give a good shock but not hurt the animals.

All solar powered fence chargers come with an adjustable controller which will help you choose the best setting for optimal performance and safety.

As far as choosing the jouls, you should only increase the houl rating as much as necessary to get a good jolt from your fence.

Lower voltages tend not to work for stubborn animals, but they also cause less stress on the livestock and lower fencing costs!

Once again, it is important that you find a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness when choosing the right voltage for your charger.

3. Weatherproofing Of The Solar Powered Fence Charger

The third thing people tend to overlook when choosing a solar powered fence charger is the weatherproofing of their gadget.

For many, this might seem like an insignificant detail, but it can actually have a significant impact on your electric fence’s performance and durability over time.

While most chargers are designed to work in average weather conditions, some chargers are better protected from rain and snow than others.

This can make a big difference if you live in an area with frequent rainfall or consistent snowfall during winter months.

4. Warranty

Solar powered fence chargers are not always the most durable pieces of electric fencing equipment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be made to last!

Most solar fences are covered by a warranty for up to one year.

It’s essential that you choose your product carefully and read reviews from other customers about its durability before purchasing it.

As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive chargers tend to have better warranties.

However, this isn’t always true and it’s important that you do your homework before deciding on a purchase!

Last Words

In the end, we really hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did.

Do you have any questions about solar fence chargers?

If so, please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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