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Best Solar Christmas Lights

There is no better way to celebrate the holidays than to decorate your house, lawn, or even the trees nearby with festive solar powered Christmas lights. 

Solar Lights are clean, efficient, and extraordinary for the long haul as they won’t add any weight to the already hefty electricity bill. 

Further, those solar lights aren’t only made for Christmas; in fact, you can use them to decorate your home all year round.

In this article, we are going to review some of the best -if not the best- solar Christmas lights on the 2020 market.

But before jumping to the product’s review. Let’s see first, why you should consider solar power Christmas lights this year.

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Solar Energy Hackers Best Solar Christmas Lights Selection

We spend hours researching, testing, and comparing different solar lights, so we can provide you with the best options on the market.

All products reviewed in this list are manufactured by trusted companies, made with high-quality materials, energy-efficient, guaranteed high customer satisfaction, and of course, well priced.

1. AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered Christmas Lights

AMIR Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights, Mini 100 LED Copper Wire Lights, Fairy Lights, Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Solar Decoration Lights for Gardens, Home, Dancing, Party, Christmas (Warm White)

The extraordinary AMIR Solar Powered Christmas Lights are super flexible and adapts to any decorations you have in mind.

Whether you are looking for solar Christmas lights outdoors or indoors, they will more than suffice. 

They are very bright and the quality is super good, they feel premium and delightful to watch. Being made from waterproof materials means that rain won’t be a problem.

The amount of versatility those solar power Christmas lights offer is immense, as they cover nearly 33ft and can be used indoors or outdoors. 

The AMIR Solar Powered Christmas Lights come with auto on/off, in other words, they are ready to use, just remove the solar panel’s cover and put them under sunlight to let them charge, and let them do their beautiful work in the dark.

With a 1-year warranty and a 60 days money-back guarantee, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to those babies. 

Another thing to notice is that it only comes with one color, and two modes, which isn’t ideal for such a great product, but it will suffice nonetheless.


  • IP65 Waterproof
  • The 100 LEDs cover 33ft, thus perfect when you want to cover large areas
  • Very bright colors
  • Can be used Indoors, and outdoors
  • 1-year warranty
  • Up to 8 hours running time


  • Only one color
  • Only 2 color modes

2. SEMILITS Honey Bees Solar Christmas Lights 

SEMILITS Solar String Lights 20LED Outdoor Waterproof Simulation Honey Bees Decor for Garden Xmas Decorations Warm White

Those Honey Bees Solar Christmas Lights are probably the most adorable solar Christmas lights -if not the most adorable thing ever- you can get this Christmas, enveloping a tree or even your fence with them will definitely bring joy to those who see it. 

The SEMILITS Honey Bees Solar Christmas Lights comes with a one-year warranty, also, they are waterproof and pretty easy to install. 

What adds to such beautiful solar light is that it’s made of hard plastic, which makes it even more durable, and can withstand unfortunate events.

Sadly, they only come with one color, don’t get me wrong, it’s very beautiful, but extra colors would’ve been super great. The 2 color modes will suffice, the breathing mode is gorgeous at those nights where you want to enjoy a cozy atmosphere.


  • Extremely cute and fun decoration
  • High brightness
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • 1-year warranty
  • Did I mention that they are super adorable?
  • Up to 8 hours running time


  • Only one color, and 2 lighting modes.

3. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Vintage Edison Bulbs

Brightech Ambience Pro - Waterproof, Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights - 27 Ft Vintage Edison Bulbs Create Bistro Ambience On Your Patio - Commercial Grade, Shatterproof - 1W LED, Soft White Light

I can’t help falling in love with these vintage solar powered outdoor Christmas lights, they are mesmerizing and bring a different feeling and style to your patio or yard. 

the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor Christmas Lights are bright and suit most needs, but sadly you can’t use them in a traditional way like other Christmas lights.

You can’t simply lay them down in the driveway but they are perfect for patios and I even got one entwined into a tree outside, I can say that it’s one of the best solar lights for trees around.

A 3 years warranty really sealed the deal for me, if they are so confident in their product, why shouldn’t I be? Also being shatterproof, and waterproof is a great addition. Wouldn’t hesitate to use another pair as solar Christmas tree lights.


  • A very stylish unique vintage look.
  • Shatter, and waterproof.
  • Up to 6 hours running time.
  • 3 years warranty.
  • High brightness.


  • Heavier than most solar lights, thus less versatility when it comes to placement.

4. LiyuanQ Solar Christmas Tree Lights

LiyuanQ Solar String Lights, 2 Pack 100 LED Solar Fairy Lights 33 feet 8 Modes Copper Wire Lights Waterproof Outdoor String Lights for Garden Patio Gate Yard Party Wedding Indoor Bedroom Cool White

The LiyuanQ Solar Powered Tree Lights might be the best looking solar panel we have today, it looks and feels premium, but also harder to install than other solar panels where you don’t need to assemble them. 

Also, the working time on them is impressive up to 13-hours of running time.

Covering up to 33feat the LiyuanQ Solar Xmas Tree Light is expected to be used in large areas or concentrated into one small area.

What matters is that the colors are really great and will give a joyful atmosphere however you use it to decorate your home.

With 8 lighting modes, it’s really spectacular to see especially in a solar Christmas light, the amount of creativity with them is also suitable for the creative ones.

It could’ve been better if they had a remote control, instead you change the color modes from the solar panel itself.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • They cover 33ft which encourages you to cover large areas.
  • Up to 13 hours running time.
  • 8 Color modes.
  • A premium high efficiency solar panel


  • The solar panel takes some assembling.
  • Could’ve used a remote control.

5. Lalapao Solar Powered Xmas Outdoor Lights 

Lalapao 2 Pack Solar String Lights 72ft 22m 200 LED 8 Modes Solar Powered Xmas Outdoor Lights Waterproof Starry Christmas Fairy Lights for Indoor Gardens Homes Wedding Holiday Party (White)

The Lalapao Solar Starry Christmas Christmas Lights are quite unique. Their brightness is unparalleled, yet they feel cozy and smooth. 

The 2 packs are 144ft in total thus can cover a HUGE area making it best suited for parties or even weddings. 

They come with a 1-year warranty and an efficient battery that runs up to 10 hours per full charge.

What I really like is its color. The warm white is the best to celebrate the holidays, I find it also suitable for outlining the whole house and lawn. I actually intended to utilize it that way if given the time. 

You should keep in mind that you might not need that amount of lights, and they will take a bit larger area to store when not in use, so plan wisely and if you are tight on space you should opt for the other sizes. 

Last, if a remote control was added to control the 8 color modes it would’ve been the perfect product for large areas, but sadly you need to change the color from the solar panel.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 72ft per strand, therefore suitable for weddings and parties alike.
  • Up to 10 hours running time.
  • 8 Color modes.
  • High brightness, yet feels cozy.


  • The 200 LEDs aren’t suitable for everyone, and not necessary at most.
  • Could’ve used a remote control.

6. GIGALUMI Solar Christmas Flower Lights

GIGALUMI 2 Pack Solar Strings Lights, Solar Fairy Lights 23 Feet 50 LED Flower Lights, Garden Lights for Outdoor, Home, Lawn, Wedding, Patio, Party and Holiday Decorations- Multi Color

The GIGALUMI Solar Flower Lights is another cute addition to our products list. It’s waterproof thus perfect to enlist to other flowers in your outdoor garden. 

In my opinion, they are one of the best solar powered outdoor Christmas lights on the market nowadays. 

They offer 8 color switch modes, with multi colors flowers you can arrange them in the most beautiful of ways, they are also sturdy so don’t worry about their durability.

The GIGALUMI Solar Flower Lights’ batteries run up to 10 hours straight, they are vividly bright and create a colorful atmosphere around the area.

It should be noticed that the warranty period on them is a 30-days refund only. It would be much better if they used a longer warranty to match such a beautiful product. 


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • They look cute and unique.
  • Up to 10 hours running time.
  • 8 Color modes.
  • Multi colored.
  • The perfect solar powered outdoor Christmas lights.


  • Not suitable for some decoration styles.
  • Only 30 days return policy, a 6-month warranty would’ve been better.

7. Joomer Solar Christmas Lights For Decoration

Joomer Solar String Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Outdoor String Lights Waterproof Fairy Lights for Garden, Patio, Fence, Balcony, Outdoors (Multi-Color)

The Joomer solar Lights are another colorful and very bright Christmas lights for your solar Christmas decoration needs. 

They come with 8 color modes, yet they lack a remote control, so you have to change the modes manually.

The waterproof materials are great, especially when combined with the 8-hour running time, Christmas is coming with an extra ray this year.

You may have noticed already, and if you didn’t; I’m confused by such long lengths. 

But still, I’ve seen many houses that are fully covered and decorated with solar power Christmas lights, and they look fantastic. 

It’s just that they don’t suit my personal usage, or maybe I’m lazy, I will never know, I guess.

Further, the warranty period is only 30 days refund, which is a bummer.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Up to 8 hours running time.
  • 8 Color modes.
  • Multi colored.
  • Up to 72ft.


  • Also, up to 72ft which is not suitable for some.
  • Could’ve used a remote control.
  • Only 30 days return policy

8. SUPSOO Solar Outdoor Christmas Lights

Solar String Lights, 72FT 200 LED 8 Mode Solar Christmas Lights Waterproof Starry Fairy Light for Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Decor Ambiance Garden Backyard Wedding Holiday Party(Multi-Color)

The SUPSOO Solar power tree Lights are just amazing. They are super bright and their colors add much joy to the place around. 

With running time up to 12 hours, you will be able to enjoy their bright color decoration all night. 

It has 8 color modes and a Built-in memory that keeps your last-used color mode, so you won’t need to switch between the modes each night to enjoy your favorite lighting mode. 

The SUPSOO Solar Christmas Lights are suitable for outdoor usage, they are waterproof so you don’t need to care about rain and damp weather. Again, despite being suitable for most uses, the lack of remote control is frustrating.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • 8-12 Hours Running Time.
  • Bright Colored.
  • 8 Color Modes.
  • Multi Colored.
  • Up to 72ft.
  • Built In Memory Chip That Saves Last Used Mode.


  • Also, up to 72ft which is not suitable for some.
  • Could’ve used a remote control.
  • Only 30 days return policy

9. Upoom Solar Crystal Ball Christmas Light

Upoom Solar String Lights Garden 50 LED 24Ft Outdoor String Lights Multi-Colored Waterproof Crystal Ball Fairy Lights, Decoration Lighting for Home, Garden, Patio, Yard, Christmas

The Upoom Solar Uplights for trees is another fine example of the solar powered tree lights, the beautiful round design adds to the joy of Christmas. 

Its 24ft length is pretty elegant and will almost always suit any decoration design, if you need more length you might want to buy more packs or another lengthy product would be better for your needs.

Again, I can see those on every Christmas tree, they look nostalgic and warm. Their high brightness will surely bring you joy, but the fact that it only has 2 color switch modes won’t, but I think the 2 color modes will suffice for most people who look for festive lights.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • Up to 12 hours running time.
  • Multi colored.


  • Only 30 days return policy.
  • Only 2 Color Modes.

10. JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered String Christmas Lights

JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered String Fairy Lights 2 Pack 33 ft 100 LED 8 Modes Waterproof IP65 Twinkle Lighting Indoor Outdoor Fairy Firefly Lights Auto ON/Off (2 Pack 33 ft 100 LED, Multicolor)

The JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered Christmas Lights is a great choice if you are looking to outline a pathway or even the Christmas tree. 

You could find it fascinating to envelop a tree with them, overall they are great solar powered Christmas lights.

They come with an upgraded battery that lasts up to 12 hours and on heavy cloudy days will light for up to 2 hours, which makes them one of the greatest solar powered tree lights. 

Further, they have an increased IP67 waterproof material that adds more durability. 

The bright colors on the JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered Christmas Lights are great for indoor and outdoor decorations alike.


  • IP67 Waterproof.
  • Up to 12 hours running time.
  • 8 Color modes.
  • Multi colored.


  • Only 30-days return policy

11. Vmanoo Solar Powered Icicle Tube Meteor Shower

Vmanoo LED Outdoor Lights 8 Tube Meteor Shower Rain Lights Solar Powered Icicle Raindrop Snow Falling Lights Cascading Lighting for Garden Outdoor Patio Holiday Party Halloween Decoration (Blue)

The Vmanoo Solar Powered Icicle Christmas Lights are the most mesmerizing and beautiful to watch in our array of recommended solar powered Christmas decorations. 

They are pleasant to the eye, the neons form a wonderful dance or a sonata making it extremely pleasant and colorful.

Vmanoo solar Icicle lights offer 12 hours of running time to fill your nights with such joyful and colorful shows. 

They would make great solar uplights for trees, not only that, but it’s also super easy to install and have many decorations usages.

Needless to say, they are waterproof, but you may counter some problems where rain may collect at the tip of the icicle, so you should keep an eye on it once in a while and try to blow dry them. 

They have untapped potential, if more color modes were added and maybe have a higher count of icicles it would’ve been way better, but – as always- nothing is perfect, you would need to buy more than one package if you want to cover a larger area.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Up to 12 hours running time.
  • Easy to install.
  • Multi colored.
  • Mesmerizing and joyful to watch.


  • Only 30 days return policy.
  • Would’ve loved even more color modes.

12. Windpnn Solar Powered Star String Christmas Lights

Windpnn Solar String Lights Outdoor, Solar Powered Star String Lights, 30ft 50LED Waterproof Christmas Solar String Lights for Gardens Patio Landscape Xmas Tree New Year(Warm White)

With the Windpnn Solar Powered Star Christmas Lights, you may have found your desired Christmas Solar Tree Lights. 

The star shape is pretty and even suits decorations that are not Christmas related like weddings, parties or even decorating the kid’s room. 

They are bright but also have a warm and soft feeling on the eyes. 

To be honest, the Windpnn Solar Powered Star Christmas Lights can be a little hard to install, as the stars tend to tangle with each other and will take time to untangle, but you may be lucky and receive one that is ready to use immediately.

With only 2 color modes and unchanging colors, you may want to mix it with other solar powered decorations to get the desired look you have, or maybe keep it simple with one color only. It’s up to your needs and taste.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Up to 10 hours running time.
  • The star shape is elegant, unique, and Christmas like.
  • Bright and Joyful.


  • Only 30 days return policy.
  • Only one color, and 2 color modes.
  • Installing can be tedious, as they tend to tangle.

13.Inngree Solar Snowflake Christmas Lights

Inngree Solar String Lights 20 ft 30 LED 8 Modes Snowflake Waterproof Solar Christmas Fairy Lights for Home Outdoor Gardens Holiday Party Patio Yard Christmas Decorations(White,1Pack)

The Inngree Solar Snowflake Christmas Lights are maybe the most Christmas-ly out of all other solar powered Christmas decorations. 

They are beautiful and elegant, their colors are warm and bright making them perfect for both indoors and outdoors lighting.

The Inngree Solar Christmas lights offer up to 12 hours running time thanks to the 1800mAh battery, which is higher than the usual 800-1200mAh solar batteries. Therefore, introducing more efficient charging and running time. 

They come with color modes but only one color, and it’s kinda suitable for it, they won’t look better if they were more colorful.

Sadly, they are a bit hard to install, the snowflakes tend to tangle with each other thus it will take you some time to clear it out, but after that, it’s all smooth sailing as the installation process is easy from now on.


  • IP65 Waterproof.
  • Up to 12 hours running time.
  • Super bright and warm.
  • Beautifully designed.
  • 1800mAh battery.
  • 8 Color modes.


  • Only 30 days return policy.
  • Can get hard to untangle.

Best Solar Christmas Lights Cheat Sheet

Product nameRun timeCharge timeLight IntensityWarrantyWeatherproofSolar Energy Hackers Overall Rating
AMIR Upgraded Christmas LightsUp to 8 Hours6-10 HoursHigh 1 Year warrantyIP6510
SEMILITS Honey Bees Lights Up to 8 Hours6-10 HoursHigh1 Year warrantyIP6510
Brightech Ambience Pro with Vintage Edison BulbsUp to 6 Hours6-8 HoursHigh3 Years warrantyIP65, and shatter proof10
LiyuanQ Solar Christmas LightsUp to 13 Hours6-10 HoursMedium1 Year warrantyIP659
Lalapao Solar Powered Xmas Outdoor Lights Up to 10 Hours8-10 HoursHigh1 year warrantyIP658.5
GIGALUMI Solar Christmas Flower LightsUp to 10 Hours8-10 hrsMedium30 daysIP659
Joomer Solar Xmas Tree Lights Up to 8 Hours8-10 hrsMedium30 daysIP658
SUPSOO Solar Christmas Outdoor Tree LightsUp to 12 Hours8-10 hrsHigh30 daysIP659.5
Upoom Solar Crystal Ball LightsUp to 12 Hours8-10 hrsMedium30 daysIP658
JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered Xmas LightsUp to 12 Hours8-10 hrsMedium30 daysIP679.5
Vmanoo Solar Powered Icicle Tube Meteor ShowerUp to 12 Hours8-10 hrsHigh30 daysIP658
Windpnn Solar Powered Star Christmas LightsUp to 10 Hours8-10 hrsMedium30 daysIP657.5
Inngree Solar Snowflake Christmas Lights Up to 12 Hours8-10 hrsHigh30 daysIP658
Best Christmas Solar Lights

Why Should You Opt-For Solar Christmas Lights

You may have got some concerns, I mean ordinary lights are cheaper and available in almost any store, then why should you get solar Xmas lights instead? 

Well, without further ado, here are the top reasons why you should switch to solar lights.

1. A completely clean and eco-friendly solution

Solar lights let you show how you care deeply for others. 

By not using normal lights, you don’t only keep a clean system, but you also reduce the costs.

They are the ideal decoration to celebrate the holidays in the most caring way, they use solar renewable energy from the sun in the morning to power up their batteries and illuminate at night or when the sun’s rays aren’t there.

2. Energy-efficient

Solar power outdoor Christmas lights provide you with a huge amount of relaxation where it comes to extras in the electricity bill, as said before, they draw their energy from the sun; thus it’s completely free. 

It should be noticed that Christmas solar lights may cost more than normal lights, but here comes the trick; unlike the normal lights, you don’t pay extra maintenance and electricity once you get them installed.

3. Easily fills any decoration needs

Want to decorate a tree, a bench, any piece of furniture, or the whole house? 

Solar Xmas lights come in many variations and styles; there are solar powered outdoor Christmas lights, solar Christmas pathway lights, and even solar lights for trees. 

They truly fill any pattern or style you wish to achieve. 

4. Easy to Install and maintain

With solar lights, you don’t really bother yourself with the extra cords and outlets, you simply let the solar panel sit in the sun, and it’s done.

Unlike other normal LED lights, solar Christmas lights are perfect for situations where you are tight on the outlets.

For more information about solar lights maintenance, check this article on how to easily and quickly fix your solar Xmas lights.

5. Durable and waterproof

One thing to notice is that solar led Christmas lights are pretty durable and can withstand harsh weather easily, as they are made to be waterproof and weatherproof. 

6. Trendy

Solar Lights decorations are the hype nowadays, they only need FREE solar power from the sun to get them up and running; it’s an overall win-win situation.

The Downfalls Of Solar Christmas Lights

1. Tend to be pricey

Solar lights, in general, tend to be a bit higher in price than normal lights, so it’s not exclusive to solar led Christmas lights. 

Keep in mind that it’s a one-time payment, unlike normal lights, so the increase in price adds up in the long haul. 

Our advice is that you should check amazon Solar Christmas tree lights as they are way cheaper, and usually, you will find them in a sale. 

2. May not be optimal in certain situations

Obviously, you need the sun to charge a solar-powered Christmas light, so in areas where the sun isn’t as strong as the normal, the lights will not be as bright as they are supposed to be.

While they will operate on heavy cloudy days, the light won’t be as vibrant and bright as normal sunny days.

3. Your neighbors will probably envy you

Let’s be honest, you will be the most innovative one around, you care for the environment, you are being smart about costs, and when they see those solar lights outdoors, they will probably be jealous of you. 

Don’t mind them, keep the good work.

Solar Christmas Lights’ Types

With many solar power Christmas tree lights around the market with different purposes and designs, the process of choosing the perfect one for your needs turns into a hassle. 

But don’t worry, in this section, we will go through the most common -if not all- solar powered light types to help you have the best solar Christmas decoration possible.

1. String Lights

The famous and most common solar power Christmas lights, With a vast array of small LEDs, you are able to adapt to any decoration you have in mind. 

It works as a great solar powered tree light and very suitable for covering long distances or when you want to decorate a single area in particular.

2. Solar Powered Rope Lights

In my opinion, they are best suited for decorating windows and doorways, but you are always encouraged to be creative with how you use them to decorate your home.

3. LED Projection Spotlights 

Probably the most vibrant of all other solar-powered lights, but also they are not as creative as the others. 

I find it useful for other holidays such as Halloween to add that extra “Spooky” into the atmosphere.

4. Solar Power Net Lights

Probably my favorite kind of solar Xmas light, they go well with trees, and the variation in colors and sizes makes them great. 

I would even only use net lights to decorate my home for a full clean and beautiful solar Christmas decoration.

5. Solar Christmas Pathway Lights

Use it for Christmas especially or keep it all year round, they are a great addition to any home and are completely better than the standard pathway lights; you can also get creative with them around the yard.

6. Solar Power Icicle Lights 

A very mesmerizing style of lighting, adds the snowy appearance to add to the joy and complete the atmosphere. 

They might not seem like it, but they are also great even in snowy areas, just give it a try.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Solar Christmas Light

We want you to have the best understanding of what to choose, and on what basis you should buy it, therefore, in this section, we will go over the factors that differentiate one solar Christmas light from the other.

1. Price

Probably the most important factor you should consider; your budget. You don’t want to side with a product because it’s the most expensive on the market. 

What we want you to do is to look for the best quality for the price.

Don’t worry, I know it can be really hard to determine the best product, especially if you are not in the solar energy market.

Therefore, in the review section, we have covered the best products for price on the 2020 market.

2. Durability And Materials’ Quality

Having waterproof, weatherproof solar Xmas lights is essential, as the solar lights need the sun to charge, and probably will be used to decorate outdoors. 

Thus, we need to have top notch outdoor solar lights, being durable means it will last longer and that it will have that premium look to it. 

You should always look to balance quality with price; you always want to meet your budget and don’t overextend on paying more on what may seem like higher quality.

3. Warranty

All products we reviewed in this article have a warranty of 1-year to 3-years, Either it’s a full refund you seek or simply a replacement.

We even tested some of them.

4. Batteries’ Charging And Running Time

This is my personal factor where I base my choice on, my solar powered tree lights are excellent. 

They simply sit in the sun for 12 hours or so and bright up my lawn for a full 6 hours.

you should always look for charging hours near to 6-12 hours and running time from 6-8 hours.

5. Solar Panel Type

High quality solar power Christmas tree lights usually come with a shield to cover it from unfortunate events. 

Moreover, it will charge faster and more efficiently due to the better solar panel conversion rate.

6. Brightness

This might be the sweet spot for some, but for others -including me- it’s not that vital. 

So you should decide beforehand, do you want high brightness solar powered Xmas lights or a vivid and smooth one?

7. Installation And Maintenance

A hassle free installation of Christmas solar lights takes off the stress of putting them up and lets you think of how you want to decorate your home. 

Also, most solar powered decorations require minimum to no maintenance, they work automatically and rarely will you face a problem with them.

For more information on solar lights, how they work, and how to choose, check this article on Solar Lights 101: How to choose the best solar Christmas lights

Last Words

Finally, we are done, this was a quite big article HUH! 

We really hope you enjoyed this article, and please stay tuned for more awesome reviews from Solar Energy Hackers

What is your favorite product? Have you owned any of them before?

Please, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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